Our Mission


AMCSD’s mission is to create and empower minority owned software development firms and the development staff needed for their success.

AMCSD will strengthen the American GDP, reduce outsourcing and propel those mislaid by yesterdays injustices to the forefront of the technological possibilities of tomorrow.

Course Cycle


AMCSD certified entrepreneurs will be given several tools to ensure success upon completion of certification and approval of the business venture by a mixed panel of industry experts and AMCSD personnel. These tools include: 

Software Development environment — No Cost
No Cost Managed Cloud infrastructure - 4 server configuration — No Cost 
up to $100,000 Seed Capital for each graduate of the program
Grant and RFP writing services — No Cost 
Mentoring and Community network services — No Cost

Program Benefits

With these tools, we will ensure our graduates are set ahead and given the tools to counter years of institutional unfair practices. Making a tangible and equitable change for minorities who can then hire from their own communities and keep more of the future tech jobs of tomorrow on U.S. soil.